1. Packages
    1. Ubuntu Trusty i386/x86_64
    2. OS X (>= 10.6 Snow Leopard)
    3. Windows
  2. Sources
  3. Development

The codyn software is made freely available under the LGPL/GPL license. The core library, libcodyn, is licensed using the LGPL library, while all the tools built on top of libcodyn are GPL licensed. Codyn provides pre-built packages for Ubuntu, OS X and Windows, as well as all sources. The development of codyn uses git and the git repositories are publicly accessible.


Pre-built binary packages are available for Ubuntu, OS X (>= 10.6) and Windows (limited support).

Ubuntu Trusty i386/x86_64

codyn.net provides an Ubuntu repository for both 32 and 64 bits Ubuntu trusty. The repository is located at https://packages.codyn.net/ubuntu/. For more information on configuring the repository and installing the packages, please see: https://packages.codyn.net/ubuntu/README. After the repository is configured, install the codyn-all package (sudo apt-get install codyn-all) to install all the codyn software components.

OS X (>= 10.6 Snow Leopard)

All codyn software is available for OS X from a universal installer package. The latest available version of the installer is Codyn-3.6.3.pkg. The oldest supported OS X platform is Snow Leopard (10.6). This package provides all of the codyn software components available for OS X, including the library, studio and rawc. The codyn library for OS X will be installed as an OS X framework making it easy to develop with codyn on OS X.


The pre-compiled binaries of libcodyn for windows can be found at https://download.codyn.net/releases/win32/. Note that at this time, only libcodyn is supported on Windows. There are currently no binaries for the studio or rawc. Furthermore, some features of libcodyn are not available on Windows (most notably python, blas and lapack).


The latest sources for all the codyn components can be found at https://download.codyn.net/releases/. Previous released versions of codyn are also available at this location.


Codyn uses git for version control of all the software. All software can be easily accessed through git and can be browsed online at https://www.github.com/codyn-net. More information on cloning the repositories can be found there.